Solution White Paper:

IP Address Management (IPAM), DNS and DHCP Virtual Solutions

Organizations face the challenge of how to control their growing IP infrastructure. Lacking proper tools, administrators continue to rely on spreadsheets and other outdated tools to manually track, allocate and manage IP addresses and networks. Added to this is the need to integrate popular addressing services, such as DNS for naming, and DHCP for address assignment, to provide the ability to track dynamic IP usage across the network.  This paper discusses the advantages of deploying an IP Address Management (IPAM) solution and a more resilient DNS/DHCP service running in a virtualized environment.

What you will learn:

  • The challenges associated with managing your existing IP infrastructure
  • The benefits to deploying a virtualized IPAM platform
  • How a virtual IPAM solution can help you rapidly provision DNS and DHCP
  • How a virtual solution enhances disaster recovery

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